Thursday, March 21, 2013


Bet you will be surprised to see that I have actually---
drum roll here please---
worked with that new pile of monkey fabrics--
to produce/create this--
another new tote bag--front side---
do you think that 'Di' likes tote bags????
I made the outside pockets a bit larger on this one--

back side--
and inside--
had to do some piecing for the linning as I only got smaller pieces!!!
and I do have some leftover--now what to do with them????

and a Spring counted cross stitch is finished--
Bunnies and more bunnies--
I enjoyed stitching these bunnies--there is 2 more patterns of bunnies with this pattern--
but I have went on to something that is springy for now!!!

Nearly have a felt project finished to show and should finish knitting a shawl tonight--
so I am buzzing right along here--
now--if the maid shows up for the week end, I can get lots done--
but someone said she is stuck in a snowbank somewheres--

anyone spotted her, yet?????

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Those monkeys are so cute! :0)

  2. Oh Di! Your bag is sooo adorable. I really like the way you placed the monkeys around the top. It is really cute. You did a great job.
    Talk to you later. Have a great night!

  3. I love your tote bag with the monkeys. It is absolutely adorable. Nola

  4. What I said about these bags, Just keep it up and always share like it.

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  5. When the maid's finished at your house can you send her round to mine, no snow-storms here LOL!!!!
    Love your 'monkey' tote, very cute, it's a lovely line of fabric!!! Very sweet little cross-stitch too!

  6. Cute bag! Bunnies are sweet. We had flurries yesterday! Down 20 last night! We seem to be on a weather roller coaster down here in the south!

  7. Awwwwwww to both projects! Those little bunny faces are adorable. Now if you find the maids would you mind sending mine home cause her work is piling up.

  8. So cute!!! I could lend you some children if your maid doesn't turn up... they are very good at vacuuming :) xxx


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