Thursday, March 28, 2013


As you can see--
mine are growing very lovely this year--
I had gotten the cross stitching done a day or so ago--
and it was laying in on my cutting counter in the sewing room--
and when I went to see how I wanted to finish it--
that ole 'light bulb' hit me in the head--
and away I went with the idea--
I made me a small towel to hang with it---
the design was small enough that I had only used the bottom half to stitch it on--
thinking I would cut the cloth in half when I finished it and stitch something on the other half--
and I am so glad I did that--
cause I have this to look at now--
Spring is on it's way--
I even seen my first Robin on Tuesday--
I don't usually see them until much later!!!!

and I sorta worked on Easter decorating--
Ahhh--well--I can see everything and enjoy them--
does this count???????????????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. You've been a very busy bunny! Love the tulips and the woolies!!

  2. I love all your wonderful Easter projects you've done. The tulips are so cute! When do you ever sleep?
    lol. Nola

  3. Too cute! The tulips turned out gorgeous and everything looks nice for the Easter bunny.

  4. What a great idea with your latest cross stitch - very springlike! Nice to see all your Easter decorations -it sure does cunt, even if they aren't in position!

  5. Many lovely things you have made.Happy EAster from snowy Lofoten in Nothern Norway

  6. Your tulip cross stitch is just gorgeous and I'm glad you didn't cut up that fabric, it looks great hanging on that star hanger!!!! Isn't it nice to have your Easter things out during this time! You've got a lovely selection!!!

  7. So lovely a finish! You look all set for Easter with all your pretties out!

  8. Hi Di. Your tulips really look lovely! I like the way you finished them. You have your house all decked out for Easter and ready for the Easter Bunny. Hope he brings you lots of candy. Have a great weekend and HAPPY EASTER!


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