Thursday, March 7, 2013


Here is the couple 'treasures' that I got on the trip on Tuesday--
love those tiny laser cut birds--
what am I going to do with them???? you ask!!!
Ahhh--I will come up with 'something' --sometime I am sure!!!!
the bunny stamp was only &1.50 and the packages of trims where on sale for only 79 cents!!!

I have to say that all in all--
it has been a stressful week--
but today I just 'chilled' in the rocker and worked on counted cross stitch--
got the Christmas ornament sal stitching finished--
This was a freebie off the internet and I am so sorry to say that I have no idea who to give the credit for
designing it to!!!  But I just love it and wanted to stitch it last year--but????

And today after finishing the Christmas one--
I have worked on an Easter one--
Hope to finish this one this evening!!!

I did do an order this month from Bird Brain designs--
I have loved these new colors of the towels since they got them in awhile ago--
finally ordered some--there is 5 here--think it is 2 of  the pink, and 2 of the green--
now what to stitch on them?????
And the reason I ordered the towels is because of this rabbit embroidery pattern--
it made my heart go pitter patter!!!
the yellow towel came with the thread to stitch the design on it called--
Easter Egg on a Branch--but no pattern came--
I must have to go on line to get it--
and me and  no printer yet!!!

I seem to still be having a problem with my banking accounts according to a phone call I got late this afternoon--seem both of my debit cards where hacked--
So--in not knowing for sure just 'whom' I was really talking to--
after I got off the phone with the lady--
I went into the account on line and transferred all remaining funds to my savings account--
and changed the passwords ect on the accounts--
I will be going to my bank first thing in the morning--you can bet on that---
the lady said that the FBI is working on this one as I am not the only one--
but ????????
Life sure can be funny sometimes!!!!
Has anyone seen my chocolate????
I need some---now!!!!

Tomorrow more than likely the day will be spent on getting the walking program up and running
as it starts on Monday morning--the pedometers will be here in the morning and I also need to hand those out around town and then the meeting here at 1:00pm for the tenants and staff--
and then the banking issue--
I hate it--just want to sew,stitch, and/or knit!!!!

So everyone have a happy Friday--
and make some good plans for the week end!!!!
Hugs, and smiles--di and miss gracie


  1. I hope you, Di have a well deserved
    Friday and weekend too!!!

    Love the CCS!!! Very relaxing, too!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  2. Your cross-stitch pieces are lovely, you must have a lot of patience to do these, I wish I had more time and patience because the results are beautiful!!! Good luck with all your business things, hope it goes well!

  3. Bummer about the other account. Just seems like the evil geniuses are growing in number. I do hope you get to sit and stitch at some point because you have lots of pretty ones to do.


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