Friday, March 15, 2013


My first job, other than babysitting--
was being a waitress--

and I one day I believed I waited on an Angel--
but 'he' looked more like this--
believe it or not--
I must of been having an "off" day with things happening in my 'real' live!!!
and I as I went to wait on him--
he said to me--
sounds like you are having a bad day--
I am not sure what I answered back-whether it was 'yes' or whether I went into
some of the things in my 'bad' day--
then this Angel/elderly man said to me--
'hun--there are NO bad days--
it's just that some days are BETTER than others!!!!
And I have never forgotten that saying--That was 45 years ago at least that he said that to me--
and I have never forgotten it--therefore that is why I consider that he was really an Angel sent to give
me that very important message--cause I have lived by that saying ever since!!!

Here is a healthy Easter snack--

these are organic and are so cute--

Had to buy myself another box today at the store--
and yes--more chocolate bars came home too!!!!

And I don't believe that I ever showed you the back of the new Frog tote bag--
I just love these daisys!!!

to those of you who it comes to tomorrow--
and watch those green beers--they can 'sneak' up on you!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Good sentiment-Lets go for one of the really "better" days!! Do they make green chocolate cause I don't like beer?

  2. Indeed, some days are definitely better than others!!! Good thing to remember!!!! I had a better day yesterday, and hopefully today will be just as good, 'cos late last week at work it was soooo busy for several days, just crazy, but not 'bad' days, although at the time they sure felt that way!!! Have a great weekend, I think I'll give the green beer a miss LOL!!!!!


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