Tuesday, March 26, 2013


the blue house and the garage where Miss Gracie was born across the street--
came down today--
one bigggggg bite at a time--
so this year I don't have to worry about a kitty having babies in there---
as I did see some cats go in and out the window to the garage!!!

Just "5" days to Easter and then the last of the month---
Are you ready?????
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. I do remember you talking about that house and garage such a long time ago now, what a story that was and thank goodness you hung in there to get those little lives out and safe, it wasn't an easy time if I remember correctly!!!!
    Big hugs to Miss Gracie!!!!

  2. That's great having the old building demolished sew no more cats can have their babies there.
    Yep organised for Easter. DD and kids coming Yah!!!

  3. Hi Di.It is good that they tore the old building down. I wish they would tear some of these down around here. They just aren't safe-period.

  4. Was Miss G watching out the window? What would she be thinking.
    As usual this month is almost gone and I am scurrying. We will see how much I get done.


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