Monday, April 22, 2013


by myself---
I almost bought a glass dish to put my 2 African violet plants in--
at the thrift store for $15 the other day--
then remembered that I had 2 glass loaf bread pans--
and the light bulb went off--
and as I got one out of the cupboard today--
a second light bulb went off--
and I rushed into the sewing room and found some lace--
and decorated the loaf pan--
so here is the newly decorated end of my desk!!!!

and the postman brought me a package today--
Is this panel not cuteeeee-----
and Sunny do you see what the heart on the bottom hem of Santa's coat says!!!!
I just spotted that now myself!!!
and here is a cute border print of it--
and these 3 go with the panel--
what I really wanted though was just the Santa face fabric for a project--
but who can stop at just one piece in this line???????

and here is how that dinning room area looks tonight--
Hey--where did everything go--Di????
Psss--don't tell anyone--but now you should see my sewing room!!!!!
that cleaning fairy just moves things from one room to the next!!!!!!

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. OH Di! I love the way you fixed your African violets in their new container. It is sooo pretty!

  2. You are so clever and think of the money you saved not having to buy a new container for you African violets. The lace really sets it off. Now you can use the money you saved for something else---like fabric, yarn, etc. lol Nola

  3. Adorable panel! And I love what you did with your African violets. Such a clever girl.

  4. A great idea to use that loaf dish for your African Violets, I love the lace around it too, great way to recycle dishes that don't get used a lot!! I see that you are well and truly preparing Christmas projects early, well maybe there is a method there, perhaps I should start doing the same LOL, I might actually get something new finished for next Christmas if I did!!!

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  6. Love the idea of putting the lace around the pan. You have been very busy and I am pretty sure some of your stuff must have ended up in my sewing room cause I can't walk in there anymore.
    Have fun with the clean spots.


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