Monday, April 29, 2013


how to sew--
isn't that great news?????
I finished the wall/door hanging today--
for Chookyblues monthly challenge--
I did the embroidery blocks a couple weeks ago--
and then I have only knitted here and there and--
cleaned and organized and decluttered--
so "why" is my home such a mess?????

Yesterday I also worked on finally blocking the shawls--
I had 3 to do--
this was   the oldest one--
that was waiting patiently for me to block it--
and it was a long winged one--but I managed--
then I did this one--
it is the latest one and I kinda designed it as I went along--
and today I did this one--
yep--I finally have a pretty pink one!!!
and here is my little garden--
I think that 'Di' needs to give it a bit of attention--
one of these days????
Yep--we can say that it is now Spring----
Hugs, Di and miss gracie



  1. Your wall hanging is lovely and the three scarves are gorgeous. You have been busy. Hugs.....

  2. Love the wallhanging and the scarves. I never once thought that you had forgotten how to sew. Me on the other hand????????? Pretty pretty flower photos, I am behind on those too. Feeling sorry for myself much????

  3. Both your scarves and the wallhanging are beautiful.
    Spring is coming here too.

  4. Your wall hanging is fabulous!

  5. Di forget how to sew?? not so maybe!! Sweet hanging! pretty shawls too. I never learned how to do knitting . Wish I had as I adore soft yarn socks! Pretty garden too. No yard work for me period! DH and I can not agree on it. Will just stick to plants on porch!! ;-)

  6. Your stitchery looks great hanging down ! Lovely knitted shawls. Wish our garden here will speed up to bloom like yours :-) and yes, thanks for your challenge : an apron done, it has been waiting for 4 years to be sewn :))

  7. Lovely shawls and hanging!
    The kitchen item is finished; 2 simple table mats.

  8. I think your Spring garden flowers look wonderful, doesn't matter if the beds are not totally tidy, the colours of the blooms is what distracts the eye, for me at least!!!!
    There is quite an art to blocking those shawls, I've never seen this process before, although I have heard about it, very interesting, they are beautiful!!!!!


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