Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I do have to admit--
this is becoming an adventure--
as you locate and open each tote or box--
it is almost like getting a box of cracker jacks--
you are never quite sure what you might find---
Luckily so far-- I have not found someone's lost child in any of my totes!!!!!

but you do find patterns and books and such that you totally forgot you bought--
and why are you finding them now--
one is not organized---
several years ago I was visiting with one of lil sister's friends and she opened her drawer in the
kitchen and I nearly fell over--
cause each item was lined up nicely and you did not have to search though 3-4 layers of things to find the tool you needed!!!!
and I do have to say that that has stayed with me--
and so I make sure I only have to go through---
 2-3 layers in my drawers!!!!!

now if we all had this in our sewing rooms we would--
have room for all our equipment for crafting?????
and talking about crafting--
I have never seen so much 'paper' tons and tons of it--
I have sorted and tossed and sorted and tossed--
and now the big question is--
what do you do with the patterns you no longer want to keep???????

and what do you do with ''say'' the rubber stamps that you have been collecting==
but never get around to using them?????
is it time for them to find new homes tooo???????

I so enjoyed all your comments on the last post--
and it is 'fun' to relook at every fabric collection and say--is this me?????
and if not--it goes into a bag for someone else--
the only problem here is--I still have too much fabric--me thinks!!!!
to keep in the space I have for it!!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I'm cleaning and reorganizing, and getting rid of stuff. Because I have too much stuff. And it's overwhelming sometimes. I just had to do a major reorganization to make room for my new quilting machine. Boxes and bags of trash. Boxes to the Rescue Mission. Bags to co-workers and friends. I've also been on a big push this year to finish some older projects. It feels good!! It's good to make room for new stuff, because sometimes you get unexpected packages in the mail. Thanks so much!!!! What did I do to deserve that??

  2. Oh Di. Your place sounds just like mine.I also have tons of paper from printing out things from the internet. This is what I did. I got a notebook binder(3 of them) and went through all my papers. The ones I wanted to keep, I separated into 3 different sections--one for quilts, one for stitcheries and one for sewing items. My papers are now very neat and I know where to look when I need something.The rest of my sewing room sure could use some organization though. You are doing such a great job sooo-want to help me with mine?
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. There is no such thing as too much fabric--we just need bigger homes and maids. That is my theory anyway and that would solve the messy drawer problem too. Wow, I do think I could be neat and tidy if I had all those shelves in my sewing room and it would look so pretty and colorful. You are definitely going through spring fever--hang in there and eat some chocolate!!

  4. My goodness!! If I wanted my kitchen draws to look so neat and tidy I'd need forty draws LOL!!!! So I just continue to battle my way through 3-4 layers of kitchen tools to find what I need!!!!
    Good for you for getting your sewing stuff sorted!! Yes it can be overwhelming, I need more space...that is all there is too it!!! I probably do need to tidy up down in that sewing room, but it would take me a week or more, so I just sigh, and leave it as is!!! All the best with the tidy up Di!!


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