Sunday, April 14, 2013


Let's talk treasures today--
my first and most valuable treasure is:
all my blogging friends from near and far---

But my second most 'fun' kind is--
finding new treasures--
to junk up my space????
I visited a new "junk" shop that opened up about a month or so uptown--
and here is treasure #1 from there--and yes that says 50 cents!!!
I love the color blue of this--and it was 25 cents--
this is an old jar--love it-- and a cute Lamb--both where only 50 cents each--
and a pastry brush for only 10 cents--
have looked and looked for one of these--
everything now is that silicone--I wanted the old fashioned kind!!!!!

Aw--what is that you said, Miss Gracie????
OH--yes--I know that I am cleaning out and getting rid of---
welll--so that I can get some new treasures to use--
doesn't that sound like a gooooood answer??????

Well--hopefully tomorrow I will be back into the 'mess'--
book is finished--races are over until the week end--

Have a 'happy' week everyone!!!
hugs, di and that miss gracie


  1. What sweet new little treasures!! I just love that heart shaped plate and that old jar!!!
    Out with the old and in the new old, a change is always good!! I agree, I much prefer the old fashioned pastry brushes too, than those horrid plastic things!! Big cuddle to Miss Gracie, and hope you both have a productive week!!!!

  2. We are going to have to add super shopper to your list of skills. Cute goodies!!!! Hope you have a great Monday and get everything done that you are aiming for.

  3. Hi Di. I really like the white dish.It would be so cute sitting on the end table with chocolate kisses in it. I like going to "junk" places. You just never know what you will find. Sometimes you can find real treasures. And it is always a treat seeing old things.
    Have a great night.

  4. I love treasure hunting. And you made some great finds. That little lamb is adorable, and I love the white heart dish.


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