Thursday, May 9, 2013


Tuesdays as you know by now it My Anne's day--
to come to quilt--or run around and go out to lunch--
and that explains part of this picture--
I got '4' jars of Organic applesauce---yumm!!!
and '4' bars of my chocolate--yummmy!!!
and '3' cans of cat food--great flavor--
for miss gracie--Anne didn't want her to feel left out!!!
and some cash--
which did not take me long to depart with--
we went to a great Greenhouse down the road a bit--
and some great plants came out with me to come home--
2 more cactus plants--
can you see the black feathery flower on this round one???
it is so different and fuzzy!!
the stripped leaf plant in the background is a cactus plant too!!!
and this beautiful red red begonia --
really pretty double blooms  pink snapdragons for the outside garden--
and 2 ferns--one is a lemon fern!!!!
We had lunch at Mr.Chickens and I had --chicken and biscuits--yumm!!!

Now back to Monday--
Denise and I stopped at my Anne's on the way to  Elmira to give her a pile of cookbooks left over from Denise's rummage sale--and it was perfect timing as Anne's tulips where in full bloom--
and she has lots of different ones--
and lots of different colors--and I had my camera with me--yea!!!!
That's Anne on the left and Denise on the right--
and a larger view of just one of her gardens!!!!
and look at what was hanging on Anne's clothes line!!!!

See ya soon--
love, Di and miss gracie


  1. Your friend Anne sure has a gorgeous garden, so colourful, all those flowers, just lovely!!!!
    So nice to see a quilt hanging on the clothesline too, very homely and comforting!!! Thanks for sharing these little delights!!!!

  2. Like how you started this post--good things always start with chocolate. The garden is lovely and your big boy camera captures it all nicely. The quilt looks like it just belongs there.

  3. Great to see it all, beautiful flowers:--) I love chocolate too! Oh, what a big and gorgeous quilt in Anne`s garden:))


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