Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Just how much I love you all and ..
how much you all mean to me????

Well--I am saying it now--
I love you all --and you all mean the world to me--
so thanks so much for always being here for me!!!

Ok--lets try to do some catching up here--
I am still slowly--very slowly some days--
still working on cleaning and organizing and decorating--
Ohh--Di that looks like a new old cabinet there between the couch and rocker???
where did you get that???

Most of last week end was watching the races--
but I did work done here and there and will get some more photos of that--
And Monday was a big day--
a Birthday even--

for me--
girl friend and I went to Salvation Army to drop off some left overs from her rummage sale she had over the week end and as I walked in the back door helping her--
I spotted this--
this is solid wood and heavy--
the shelves look dark and stained in this photo-but they are not really that way!!!!
and better yet--was only $6.99--can you believe that????
See there is the sticker!!!!
so you know it came home with me--
as I was looking for something to put right where it is now for all my sewing and knitting things to be by my rocker for me to get to quickly---
and I got these 2 items--
this is a small cup and saucer for the doll cabinet--
and this one had no saucer--but--
it has pink roses and was only 49 cents!!!
then we went here for lunch--
Yep--it was built a year and a half ago--
but was the first time I got there and I had shrimp--yummy!!!
I waddled out!!!
that is with this little man--
Then we just went to Petsmart for Miss gracie--
and Joanns for a minute!!

When I got home I had two 'pressies' waiting for me in the mail--
these wonderful gifts are from Shell, Harrington and Hannah at Raspberry Rabbits--
thanks again--love you !!!
and this wonderful assortment of gifts--
I did not have this pattern so that is delightful--
and don't you love the cat pin and those heart pins???

some great reading material for this summer--
and of course some chocolate--
and I think that miss gracie has opened one of these already and is enjoying some!!!!
and it all came gift wrapped--how delightful for me--
just loved unwrapping everything!!!
and this great package was from Alice in VA--
thanks again sooo much!!

stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of this story!!!
Love, di and miss gracie


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! It sounds like you had a pretty nice celebration. I love the cabinet you bought. And I know how much fun you'll have decorating it. Enjoy!

  2. Don't you know I love that cabinet and the purple teacups. All the decorating looks great! Glad you liked the goodies and had a good birthday. Cracker Barrel is yummy and it is hard to get out of the shop without buying something cute.
    Dangerous place.

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like you were spoiled for sure. Now I really love that old cabinet! CB is a heavy meal place for sure even if you do the Cobb Salad!

  4. Happy birthday, Di! Lovely gifts!
    I really like that cabinet! Very nice to have by your rocker.

  5. Happy Birthday Di!!!!!
    And many happy returns!! I hope you are feeling better by now! It looks as though you had a lovely birthday, your new old cabinet is a very handy item for what you want to use it for!!! All the very best!!!!


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