Friday, June 21, 2013


I have to say that blogland is one amazing thing!!!!
I never ever really thought about making friends or even meeting some of those friends from being part of blog land---
and when my very first blog comment came from Norway--
but then my readers grew in numbers--
and I heard and followed folks from all over the USA and around the world--
and then the real fun begins as you begin to meet them in person!!!
and to show you that Sunny herself was really here--
here is her signature on the wall!!!
On the wall where?????
in the Rest room at O'Susannahs---
she has painted the walls with white chalk paint and folks are signing it from all over--
I got so excited when I see this--what a fun way for others to say they were here!!!
and while we are talking about the Quilt shop--
Guess what????
O'Susannah's Quilt shop will be in the September issue of Quilt sampler magazine!!!
the shorter lady on the left is Sue herself and the other lady is her 'partner' in crime--
her sister-in-law--Jeannie!!! and together they designed the quilt behind them that will be in the magazine!!!!
and I thought it funny--that the first thing Sunny said to me was--
"I did not realize you where so short"--to me--
( I am only 4' 10"!!!!)

Now, Sunny did not  come empty handed--
Sunny bought me a beautiful counted cross stitch pincushion with my initial on it--
Is this not a lovely lovely gift--
I just love it and think it will stay here by the bowl next to my rocking chair so I can look at it and admire it will I am sitting there--
thanks so much for the pin cushion and a delightful time yesterday, Sunny!

And I did buy a couple pieces of cloth at the quilt shop--
I found this cute cloud print--great to have in the stash--
and I really liked this shade of green--another good stash piece!!!!

I can not believe though how many things that Sunny and I had in common--
right down to our food choices--it is so neat to find someone that likes alot of the same things--
only--Sunny--you will never get me into a kayak---sorry!!!!!

Have a wonderful week end everyone--
love, di and that miss gracie


  1. I was in that kayak today - sorry you missed out!! I had a wonderful time yesterday, meeting you and touring your town. Now when I read your posts, I can picture where you are, and what you look like. I hope you read my post about the Racetrack. It was fun, and we really hope to get back to the area again some time. thanks for everything!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time!! What a sweet pinchushion and your stash additions were definitely necessary. Don't think you would ever get me in a kayak either!!!

  3. How lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers!!! I love the cross-stitch pincushion, such a generous gift!!!! No kayaks for me either!!!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Glad to see you are having fun! Nice to meet other bloggers in person :-)
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. Hi Di - I saw on Sunny's blog that she had visited you; isn't it amazing what blogland can lead to!! Neat that you both got on so well, and you exchanged lovely gifts. Love the wall in the shop - great idea!!

  6. OH!! how wonderful to have been able to meet Sunny and spend time with her.. and I agree with you I won't get into a kayak either.


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