Tuesday, June 4, 2013


well--this month's bom is yellow--
and yesterday I just had a sudden 'desire' to go to the Quilt shop--
so off I went--
and I did not come back 'empty' handed!!!
I did get 2 yellows--

not sure yet which yellow I will use--
will see which one works with my yellow stash!!!
the next one to them on the right is one I may use later with this bom--
the 'pink' one is a ---just because I like pink--one!!!!

Then these '3'  also shouted out to me--
it started with the Chair print--just love-- love-- love it--
got a bit of the other two to probably go with the chair one!!!

And you remember my flower from the last post--
I did take time during the day to enjoy it--
and it is a good thing--
as by evening it was closing and going away!!!
so I am so very glad I took pictures when I did--

So don't forget to capture the 'moment' when things come by--
cause those moments might not last long!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Love the new fabric!! Those pretty bright fireworks/stars are great and so are the chairs. Looks like some good retain therapy. Glad you got to enjoy the flower while it lasted!!

  2. Nice shopping excursion! I love the chair fabric also. Looks like you will be staying "healthy" for a while!

  3. Some very creative fabrics there, but I do love the chair fabric too, very cute indeed!!!! The cactus flower is just exquisite, like the butterfly with all it's unique beauty, doesn't last long, and yes, enjoy those special moments of beauty regardless of the form it takes!!!!!

  4. What fabulous fabrics Di...
    Yes I have a cacti like yours and you do need to take photos sew you can enjoy it longer.

  5. I like the fireworks and love the chairs! What fun.


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