Thursday, July 25, 2013


as I finally made it to the sewing room--
and 'Pink Betty' still remembers how to run!!!!
we got the bindings sewed onto 2 small quilts--
and even got the hand sewing done--
this little one is made with a mini charm pack that Alice sent me--
I had the little scottie dog print--
so in honor of Alice--I used a 30's purple fabric for the backing!!
then I got this one done--
I know that these blocks were done from a sew-along from one of the blogs--
but this 'darn-cute' brain of mine--is not recalling which one--
but it is also all done--the binding is a dark brown and I see it now blends in
with the chair that I photoed it on--sorry!!!
and this is the backing--so on this one I really do have '2' quilts--
as both the front and the backs look like quilts!!
And this is the hand quilting project that I am working on now--
I am on the borders--
and today I happened to look down on it from my chair and realized that---
I had to do the 'frog' thing--haven't done the 'frog' thing in a long time--
as I discovered that the vine quilting going up the side --
the fabric was really 'bunched' up between the stitching and the blocks--
soooo--out it came--
we will start it over again!!!!

It is a bit cooler here--though in living upstairs I am still on the warmer side!!!

So happy stitching everyone--
love, di and miss gracie


  1. I feel so honored!!! Everything is so pretty--you have been doing a lot while the heat beats down.
    Enjoy your cold front while it lasts!

  2. Both quilts turned out gorgeous.

  3. Yes that first one is Alice inspired for sure! I love the basket one! Pretty! You doing great! I too had to FROG some...ugh!

  4. It looks as though you have been very busy and completing quite a few projects!!!! Your little basket blocks are so cute!!!!

  5. Looks like you need to come up for air! You are a busy little bee! Nice work on everything... I am impressed!

  6. Cute quilts! Are the baskets maybe from Temecula Quilts? I think I saw something similar there, but I haven't got around to making them yet. I love anything with baskets. It was almost chilly here today - I hope it lasts for a few days. Can't wait to see your applique quilt. Smooches to you and Miss Gracie

  7. Woohoo - look at you go!! Well done on the assortment of bindings, borders and busy-ness :-) Yes, I agree with Sunny- those baskets were from a Temecula sewalong. Very cute.

  8. Hi Di. Your quilts are absolutely beautiful. You did a fantastic job. The first one has all my favorite colors in it so I think I like it the most.(I had to do the frog thingy today, too. No fun! )The flowers are sooo pretty. A big hug to you and Miss Gracie

  9. Aren't you a good girl! Lovely quilts!
    i must admit I have been lapping up sun and not sewing - but I doubt it will last forever, so ...
    HUgs to you and that cat


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