Friday, July 12, 2013


seem to have that one disease that us 'quilters' often get!!!
Buying or ordering more fabric for the stash!!!
one order is in--
Ordered these 2 charm packs--
I liked the color and the basic designs--
polka dots--
more but different sizes--
and stars of all sizes and colors!!!

And I have more flower photos to share--
I love this pink rose!!!
Pretty orange flower down by the lake on an arbor--

This afternoon we get to meet our new office manger--
her name is Beth--
and in meeting her--so far--she seems really nice and friendly!!!
Guess time will tell!!!!

Oh and it is week end time again!!!
what are your plans?????
Love , di and miss gracie


  1. What pretty flowers! Has it cooled down a bit so you can be outside more? And what are your plans for that lovely fabric? My weekend will be the normal kayaking/sewing weekend. My favorite activities!

  2. Hmmmm!! Nice fabrics...
    Love your pretty flowers too.
    I am about to go to " Christmas in July " luncheon....

  3. Pretty flowers!
    New camera, so will be trying it out :-)
    Btw, have you changed your e-mail address?
    Very hot here now, at last :-)

  4. I love all of your eye candy here! Beautiful garden flowers... and lots of fun polka dots too!


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