Monday, July 15, 2013


that it is 'okay' to sit and watch the TV--
all afternoon if I want and that I do not need to feel guilty about it!!!
and if I feel like doing some hand work--
well--good for me--
and if I can not manage to pick up a needle--
well--good for me, too!!!
Here is 4 embroideries that I am working on at the moment--
and I did get more done on them this afternoon while watching some
Our weather here is has been very hot, humid, and muggy--
and I need to be inside, in order to breathe!!!!
And I think 'breathing' is good--
don't you?????

I also know that some were working on Christmas projects this past week end--
so I did join you--have started the hand applique on this one!!

and on Friday afternoon I did borrow a long folding table from downstairs--
to work on--
sandwiching some smaller wall hangings for hand quilting!!!
I have a bunch done--but still have 5-6 more to go!!

And I have tried to find some cooler times for going for a walk--
and on my walk I do take the camera!!
And flowers just seem to shout at me to take their pictures!!!!!

So I am giving you all 'permission' to slow down this summer--
stay cool--and be relaxed!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. You have gotten lots done considering you are staring at the TV, so keep doing what you are doing and enjoy. Pretty flowers!!

  2. Yep, you can sit and watch TV any time you want to. I usually read blogs or do hand work at the same time, but you don't have to. I LOVE your purple coneflower.

  3. Pretty stitcheries and flowers. Hugs.......

  4. I have recently picked up my pre-cut squares and a needle and thread to hand sew some 9-patches. My sewing machine isn't working well at I'm not trying hand sewing in a long time. I tend to have my laptop when I'm watching TV, and I think I do that too much, and need to do sewing instead~ ♥♥♥

  5. Just let the guilt go gal! Enjoy doing what you like when you like!Same weather here I think and inside is best along with breathing being a good thing!
    I need to get on with some chores..ugh. Those have to do things!

  6. You do well watching TV and stitching.


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