Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I had a nice surprise yesterday
 when I went down to collect the mail---
a package from another country--
how exciting--
as I was not expecting anything--
and inside was the prettiest purple package--
just waiting for someone to unwrap it--
and to discover the 'treasures' inside!!!
the first thing I seen was this cute wallet --
I have wanted to make myself this same wallet for a very long long time--
now I don't have too--
and let me tell you--the stitching on this is 'perfect'--
much much better than I would of done!!!!!

and inside the wallet was???
a thimble--
and the thimble has the Norway flag on it--
oh what a great treasure that is!!
and I got a pretty piece of cloth with roses on it and a package of Napkins--
and a cute card--
so can you see who my 'gifter' was???
none other than Anne-Lise from Ragtag and bobtails!!!
Thank you so much Anne-Lise--you made my day!!!!

Love, Di and miss gracie


  1. What an awesome surprise! Love the wallet, and I think you were supposed to forward that rose fabric to me! Enjoy.

  2. What a lovely surprise. Very nice. Nola

  3. Fun stuff! What gorgeous goodies.

  4. What a nice sweet package of goodies!

  5. What a sweet gift, and out of the 'blue' too, they are the best kind!!!!


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