Wednesday, August 28, 2013


To join me in a 'happy dance'????????
I have finally totally finished the SKOW that I worked along with Chookyblue last year!!!!
It is even got it's binding all finished on it--
here is the back of it--
Remember I did this in rows--
first we did the applique in rows--5 of them--
then I did the batting and backing in rows--
and did the hand quilting on the blocks--
and then this past couple weeks I have sewed the  rows together one at a time--
and did the back seam by hand stitching and then turned it around and did 2 long
rows of hand quilting stitches on the row on the front!!!  lots and lots of stitching--
but well worth it!!!!

and in between working on this big one-
I worked on a smaller one--
I don't remember why I did this one--
but I like it and now it is done--
and here is the backing for it!!

Now I can get back to some knitting and the star blocks--right????
so--it's your turn -- what are you stitching on???
hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hankie for my collection on Sunday--
I am not sure how many I have not--probably less than 12--
but each one is so different!!!

I did go overtown on Sunday--
went to the Quilt shop for fabric to go between the stars--
but after trying lots of solid colors--
I came home with just plain muslin!!!
and I did not buy anything else--so good for me!!!
Did finally find my way to travel!!!!

and found some neat roses to take pictures of--
Now don't you worry your 'pretty' little heads--
I have been stitching hard all last week and this week so far--
just can't show you--just yet!!
Maybe tomorrow or the next day for sure--
so hang in there--
good things are on the way!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I am finally caught up on one of my bom's for 2013--
can you believe it?????
This is the 'color' block that we chose to do for the whole year--
and she  tells us what color to make our block for the month!!!
so we will go backwards--
Here is August's--
Red--and for this one--
I only used what I had on in the stash!!!

was teal--
and remember this pile that I got--
on my little country trip a couple weeks ago--
I got lots left--but it was worth it!!!


or I may have it mixed up with--
that was Blue!!!
Either way--they are all finished for now--
I did have a problem with --
Aprils block--I discovered--
it was on a wrong directional path--
so out came the seam ripper-and now--
we have a pretty green one that is going correctly--
Here is the wrong way!!!!!

So--what did you stitch today??????
hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I did show you these couple of small quilts that I had hand quilted last week--
but did not show some close ups--
so here goes--
I really like to do mostly 'outline' hand quilting--
and here is the backing I used on this one--

I really enjoyed doing the applique of these flowers--
then the hand quilting of them--
for the outside border I just quilted in the middle of the 4 red rows--
and this is the backing for this one--

this is the one I am hand quilting now--
I am all done with the center area and am ready to do the outside border!!

Hope you are having a sewy week--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


When I went overtown yesterday???
Thought that they did a good race window here--
aren't those 'orange' tires cute????
Just wished there wasn't such a 'glare' on windows--
but guess you can get the 'picture'????

Also found these to photograph--
this sits out side the Doctor's office--
this was over on main street--

I am still working on the 'star' blocks--
hand quilting on a small quilt--
and knitting on a shawl--
so I's working!!!!

Have a great sunny day--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, August 17, 2013


who loves Kyle Bush--the M&M car--
and seeing how he won at Watkins Glen last Sunday--
she 'declared' the week--Kyle week!!!!
She was so much fun this past week--
I did show you already--
In my mail box--
she had posters and pictures of him and the car up all over the place all week!!!
one day she knocked on the door--
and around her neck was a 'cooler' bag with his number and all in yellow--
and she would open it and let you get out small bags of m&m's!!!
then she'd head on down the hall with the vacuum cleaner!!!
and yesterday she came around all dressed in yellow and a special box done with m&m's paper,
and handed out homemade brownies with m&m's on top of them---
Do you think she likes driver--Kyle Bush??????????????
I think treat time will be over next week--
this week end at the Glen track these are what is racing--

Me--just been doing some more hand quilting and working on stars!!!

Sooo--I guess that Melinda and I both had stars in our eyes this past week!!!!!
Have a fun week end--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Star blocks that is!!!
And while I was showing the blocks to my friend Anne--
I discovered that I had one going the wrong way --
now I don't know--if it was really the right way--
or--the wrong way--all I know is--
it was not spinning in the same direction as all the others I have stitched????
and it is the very first one I did--the yellow one here--
once I took the two apart--and went to pile them up--
it was "ouch" time--so Anne got another block to do something with!!!

Now I had already known that I might have a problem with the template--
as it is clear with no markings--so I had put a piece of painter's blue tape on one side--
so that all the blades would go in one direction--good for me!!!
this is the package that the template came in--
I got it on sale at Joann's a couple years ago--
you can sew them by hand or by machine--
I am using 2 fabrics on mine--
but you can also use 3 fabrics and those stars are pretty too!!

How do you like this squash--or should I say--these '2' squashes??????
and then someone did some art work on them!!!!!
think it's time I went 'buzzing' around blog land--
be safe--have some fun--
hugs, di and ---
the 'bee' watcher!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013


I have gotten tired of the UFO pile crying!!!!
It is upset that the pile is getting 'shorter'!!!
So I am not one to let anyone 'cry' for long--
and have started a 'new' quilt top--
and it is called the 'spinning star'!!!
I have to unpick these two that I joined!!
and I have been wanting to do something with my '30's' prints--
but I did have fun finding out how these stars are to be sewed together--
the template--only came with the one picture of one done!!!
But I am not going to tell you--
BY the way--has anyone else done one of these??????????

And look what was in my door mail box this morning????
Do you think that the Housekeeper, Melinda, is happy with who won the race yesterday??????

And look at this--
Look what was delivered this morning and our Main. man, John put in for me???
and it does a good job of cooling things off in here--
now I won't have an excuse --not--to clean!!!!!
Have a great day--and a great week!!!
hugs, di and that darn cat--miss gracie

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