Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hankie for my collection on Sunday--
I am not sure how many I have not--probably less than 12--
but each one is so different!!!

I did go overtown on Sunday--
went to the Quilt shop for fabric to go between the stars--
but after trying lots of solid colors--
I came home with just plain muslin!!!
and I did not buy anything else--so good for me!!!
Did finally find my way to travel!!!!

and found some neat roses to take pictures of--
Now don't you worry your 'pretty' little heads--
I have been stitching hard all last week and this week so far--
just can't show you--just yet!!
Maybe tomorrow or the next day for sure--
so hang in there--
good things are on the way!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. OK, I need a purple one of those butterflies. That is your mission. Don't forget your helmet!!!

  2. Oh Di. The hanky is beautiful! I can't tell from looking at it, but is the butterfly crochet or lace? It is really nice. I would love to see your whole collection. Be careful out there! LOL

  3. Lovely hanky sweets. I use to have bunches of them.
    Be careful on that thing. Looks like fun!


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