Sunday, August 4, 2013


Well--Sunny you are not the only one who can go roaming around in the country side--
and get lost!!!!
On Saturday morning my taxi arrived at 10am--
and my friend Denise had another one of our Friends--Rita--
so the 3 of us where off--
and it was a perfect day--
blue skies--high 70's--
we went though alot of country scenery to get to the Quilt shop--
it was a new one for me--
the second one here is looking out here driveway!!
ahhhh--there's those two friends of mine!!
this shop is called 'Sew What'--like that name--
and just a lovely family run it--
Just some 'I liked' to come home with me--
a really nice collection of dark teals that I matched up--
this cute corner was at the corner near where the shop was!!

then we were off to go have lunch--
only the van turned the wrong way-
took a very long way around to get where we wanted to go--
lots of trees, farms and corn fields--
this is in Bath, NY--
good lunch--
then we drove miles and miles to a second quilt shop--
this one was run by the Amish--
and I will show more about this one tomorrow--
gotta go--
almost time for the Nascar race today!!!!!
Happy Sunday everyone--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. OK, I want to go next time. What gorgeous scenery!! Sometimes it is fun to get lost. And what pretty colors of fabric.
    And you know I love the cows!!!
    Can't wait for tomorrow's installment.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! Good friends, good quilt shops, good lunch and perfect weather! Wish I was there. We went through Bath a couple of times while we were there. I'll be tuned in tomorrow for another installment.

  3. nothing nicer then roaming around the countryside with friends calling in to patch shops and having nice food..
    wish I could go too......
    Love the Teals

  4. I can going imagine the fun you had with your friends - yakking away in the car watching all that beautiful scenery.

  5. Oh Di! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. It is always nice to be out with friends. Lovely scenery and those fabrics-GEORGEOUS! A big hug from me.Have a great week!


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