Monday, August 12, 2013


I have gotten tired of the UFO pile crying!!!!
It is upset that the pile is getting 'shorter'!!!
So I am not one to let anyone 'cry' for long--
and have started a 'new' quilt top--
and it is called the 'spinning star'!!!
I have to unpick these two that I joined!!
and I have been wanting to do something with my '30's' prints--
but I did have fun finding out how these stars are to be sewed together--
the template--only came with the one picture of one done!!!
But I am not going to tell you--
BY the way--has anyone else done one of these??????????

And look what was in my door mail box this morning????
Do you think that the Housekeeper, Melinda, is happy with who won the race yesterday??????

And look at this--
Look what was delivered this morning and our Main. man, John put in for me???
and it does a good job of cooling things off in here--
now I won't have an excuse --not--to clean!!!!!
Have a great day--and a great week!!!
hugs, di and that darn cat--miss gracie


  1. Hee Hee Hee--your housekeeper has good taste in drivers. And you know I like those purple spinning stars. They look hard!
    Have fun starting new things.

  2. Ooooh Di! I LOVE that Spinning Star! Where did you find the pattern? I haven't seen it before. I have been collecting 1930 fabrics and I would love to make this.
    Glad you are staying cool now since the weather is getting hotter. Or it is here anyway. I know the AC can make a whole lot of difference.
    You and Miss Gracie stay out of trouble and have a great week!

  3. Yay Air Conditioning! Boo House cleaning! I've never seen the spinning star before. Is it made with templates? LOve the fabrics.

  4. Being an Aussie, I had my fingers crossed for Marcos Ambrose but not unhappy to see Kyle win. Those spinning stars look difficult although yours are looking okay. hugs......


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