Monday, October 14, 2013


By a land slide--
this one got basted first--
and I even started hand quilting it this morning--

And I got this one finished--
I really like the colors of this one and enjoyed doing all the hand quilting on it--
Here is how I did the border rows!!!

I have also been working on the hand pieced star quilt--
so it is now much larger--
but forgot to take a picture of where it is at now--
I do find it challenging to know where to sew the next star on--
wonder what kind of shape and size I will get in the end!!!!

So is everyone joining me in working on Christmas????
and if so what are you working on????

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. You will be way ahead of me on Christmas sewing!! Neat star project. will enjoy seeing it grow bigger!

  2. Love all the pretty colors you're working on. And your little kitty is adorable. I love your stars, and can't wait to see how they grow. I'm working on a secrect project, and just found the pattern for another secret project. I must get busy busy busy.

  3. Good for you!! The stars are looking good.
    Haven't started Christmas sewing yet, but have plans ....

  4. Loving your hand quilting.
    The star project looks great and what a cute kitty...

  5. Can you kick me in the rear and make you get started on Christmas please. Yours all look so pretty!!
    Yes please, may I borrow the box.


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