Saturday, October 19, 2013


Stars-- most all this week--
and here is where they are--
The actual 'star' blocks are so easy and quick to stitch--
but then putting them together takes time and alot of stitching!!
and figuring out where to sew the next block on--
is anyone's guess--I guess!!!????
that 'piece' of black on the right side--is--
Miss gracie helping me take the photo?????

But watching these cute birdies out the window here in the living room is her main job!!!

It really is fall here now--and it is even very cool today--so it even feels like fall!!
Do you realize that Halloween is only about 10 days away---
How'd that happen!!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. The stars look great - and your quilt is growing well. The 'mums are beautiful - and very autumn-like, I guess as we are heating up, you will be cooling down! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Wow - you've made a lot of progress on your stars. I keep thinking how beautiful it must be up in your area right now. I'd love to be there in the fall.

  3. Hello Di. Your stars are looking gorgeous. You have accomplished a lot since the last time you showed it.So how big are you going to make this quilt?
    The weather is changing a lot here, too. It has been very nice, but last night it was actually COLD. By lunch time, it should be pleasant outside though. The leaves are really pretty. I can see the mountains from the back of our house and the view is spectacular. I really like this time of year.
    The spiders have started their decorating for Halloween. There is a hugh one that is determined to spin her web across my back door. I have ran into it twice and have been scared to death that she is on me somewhere. Spiders are NOT my favorite thing!
    I hope your week is a wonderful one, Di. Hugs to you and Miss Gracie!

  4. Pretty stars! Glad to see that Miss Gracie is earning her keep being a photography supervisor.

  5. Love your stars... but they look very complicated...? xxx


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