Thursday, October 24, 2013


First I got a cute cute postcard from Sunny in the mail--
Thank you so much Sunny--she made the postcard herself--
it is here on the desk beside me!!!

I guess looking at this sweet pumpkin finally got to me and this morning I worked at decorating for Fall--
Ahh--Di these are still on the bed--
where do you plan to 'nap' later today??????
and here is the 'nick nack' container--emptied on the table--
but hey--I can see them and enjoy them right there!!!!!!!! lol

So has everyone else already decorated for Fall--????
Am I the last one?????

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Cute postcard! I love the kitty in the box. Is it getting cold there now?

  2. Sweet postcard! Look at all those wonderful Fall goodies! You place will be so festive!

  3. OK, I guess I am going to have to stare at yours and Lola's photos and enjoy the decor.Everything is so pretty. I think I need to do some baking involving cinnamon and pumpkin to get me moving!


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