Saturday, December 14, 2013


here and it is adding up--
but will it stay for Christmas-?????
and it is actually snowing during  the day--
last few years it has been during the night!!!

And I want to let you see--
that I plan on doing some kind of work on Christmas this afternoon--
Ohhh--it already is afternoon--well--then soon I will work on making some Christmas cards!!!

and here is my 'decorating' sooooo far!!!
I have another string of lights for this little green tree and some brown string lights for the
tree branch--then I just might get the drawer of little ornaments down and ????

Here is self-gifty--
I have no idea why I decided I had to have this snowman--but he cheers me up every time I look at him--also got the 3 teacup items--but they are actually larger than I thought they would be!!!
and is this snowman a bit different--he is sitting in a black hat--love him!!!!
and I feel in love with this box with the cardinals on it at Joanns one day--
here is the front side--and do you see the word on the left corner--hummmm?????

Don't forget to take a few minutes on the busy week end to sit and just sip a cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa--something and be thankful for something!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Hi Di! Love the snowman ! We have got about the same amount of snow as you - but the forecast is for rain, so we are in for a mess :-(
    Busy days what with making presents and writing cards. ..
    almost done and a week to go :-)
    Hope you are having a cosy weekend. Hugs to you and Miss Gracie.

  2. Your post is so inspiring - nice to see all your bits and pieces and how nice that you (may) have snow for Christmas! We're in the depths of summer.... so far from a white Christmas! Love your little snowmen!

  3. The snow looks lovely and I like all your decorations.


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