Monday, December 9, 2013


I am a bit late,
but today is National Pastry Day--
and I would love to have one of these--right now!!!
with a cup of tea--

But as tomorrow is the day the post office likes us to have us mail our packages by--
and that 'jolly' man in the red suit--
is behind--
I guess I need to get busy and help him--
I only have one problem--
I can't find a couple addresses--again!!!!
I think Miss Gracie eats the addresses for lunch!!!!

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I did have the cup of tea! Sadly I may be mailing out some things after Christmas! So far behind it is ridiculous! But is what it is will deal. Just hope I get a tree up soon but with our weather getting out of storage is not in cards just yet!

  2. If we're to be shipping by tomorrow, I'd better get some shopping done! I got some sewing projects finished, but still need a few other small items. Poor Miss Gracie, she gets the blame for everything.....

  3. I'm not mailing much this year. Just some cards to special friends. Love those pastries.

  4. Did the address give Miss Gracie indigestion????

  5. Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want some and some time to bake and pack packages. And read blogs,etc,etc,etc!!!
    I will keep plugging along!!!


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