Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Think -- Stocking stuffers--
I think the very best part of Christmas is getting the stockings filled with all kinds of little things--
and yes-I always got an orange in mine in the toe--and the other big candy item we always got was a box of the lifesaver candies!!!!  I miss getting stockings--I want to be a kid again!!!

But why should 'kids' and the young people have all the fun--
and we give our pets stockings for Christmas--
I am going to give you an idea here--
Why not get or make a stocking and fill it for some one special as a 'Secret Santa' project--
and as you are out shopping and about--keep your eyes open for small items that this person could use and would be great in a stocking--

and don't forget the orange and a penny for the toe!!!

Ahhhhh--I wonder if a penny means much today--maybe we should stick a $1 bill in the toe instead??????????

Let's have some fun with this--
hugs, di and miss gracie

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  1. Great idea! Our entire family still does stockings, and it's so much fun looking for little goodies they might enjoy.


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