Friday, January 17, 2014


Do you remember that I said I needed to come up with one more color for the block quilt--
well--I kinda had a color in mind--
I did it---
I did one in black and white!!!!
I love this block the same as the other 11 colors--
now to decide how I want to finish off these blocks into a quilt top!!!!
and yes--I even gots of practice in 'froggin'!!!

I can also mark off one of the five projects on my 'to do' list for January!!
This block is now finished--
and let me tell you --
there was alot of stitching on this one!!!
Then some confusion set in--
could only find 3 other blocks--
was sure this one was block #5!!!
after looking and looking-- I went to bed--
and then a thought hit me--and yes--I have a 'bruise'!!!!!
and looky what I found--
It was #5--but--
It meant that 6 blocks out of 12 are done--yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the next block is already traced--
so we are on a roll--

And and I worked on the hand quilted project every day--
and have done alot more on the wool project--
the only project that I haven't touched yet--
is the counted cross stitch one--but do hope to work on that one this week end!!!

And now for the January Challenge--
I am not taking names--
if you do the challenge for the month--
send me an email and tell me to see you blog post with the finished 'wip' or wips in it
then I will add your name to that month that you did the challenge!!
how does this sound????
and as a hint for Feb--challenge--start collecting 'green' fabric--
you know the real shade of green!!!

I am actually going to go to a knitting session this afternoon--
have fun and joy in what ever you are doing!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. You have certainly been busy with projects. Nice to have different things to work on during the winter when we can't get out as much. Love the black and white block.

  2. Your state rise look lovely..
    Hmm I do remember the fabric in you Christmas quilt.....
    Have fun with your challenge ..

  3. Silly iPad automatically does things grrrr..
    The comment is meant to read...

    Your stitcheries look lovely"

  4. I think you will make your goal with time to spare. Now if the rest of us can keep up it will be great! All your projects look gorgeous.

  5. hehehe... I was wondering what Maria was talking about. I was wondering what a State Rise was and why I haven't made one yet lol.

    Your stitcheries are coming along nicely. So many little stitches!

    Love the little birdies in your black and white block.


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