Tuesday, January 7, 2014


projects I have lined up for January--
I would like to finish this quilt top--
we did 11 block in dark colors--then she started listing lighter colors--
but--I decided I just wanted 12 blocks--so have decided on the color for my 12th block--
now to make it and then sew them all together!!!!

and I want to finish hand quilting this quilt--
and I did work on it this morning while my friend Anne was here!!

This block goes with 11 other blocks and I think this is #5 block--
and I do really like this quilt--it is 3-4 years old now!!!
but I have done quite a bit on this one yesterday since this picture was taken--
so we are on our way!!!!

I had started on this one a year ago--then decided to put it away thinking I would do it this last Nov or Dec--but?????
so I am doing it now--have more done on the ferns already--
and all the wool pieces are all ready to stitch to it!!!

and I want to finish this one--
I have lots of counted cross stitch projects started and lots I want to do--
so best get busy on them--right?????

remember last year I said I was going to learn to drink coffee?????

Well--this is what I bought myself for Christmas this year--
and after it sitting on the counter for a month--
I finally 'fired' it up yesterday--
and drank my first full cup of black coffee!!!!!
I did not like that brand--so now am trying another brand--
but don't think it is to my liking either!!!?????
I really got this for Tea!!!!

We are very cold here--at noon it was 4 degrees out--
the sun has been shinning all day--so it feels much warmer--
and yes--I did go out to the store and for lunch in it--
so mark this date on your calendar--
( I do not go out if the temps under 25!!!!)
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Yummy - you can make tea, Chai tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, etc in it. Your projects all look like fun ones. I have so many things started - we would get along great. DH might take a road trip this spring with his BIL, and I just might come up to see you again! Now that you know I'm not a chainsaw massacre-er,

  2. We have a one cup coffee maker that Hubby uses for coffee and the kids use for hot cocoa. I can't drink my coffee black...too bitter for me. I tend to stick with cold tea but I do enjoy ice coffee during the Summer.

    Looks like you have yourself organized this month. Now the hard part, actually finishing the projects lol.

  3. I love your projects and goals for this year! I will have a cup of tea and watch your progress! (I need one of those too)!

  4. My goodness Di! You are starting this year off with a busy schedule. I love all your projects. As for coffee, bring it on. I love it and drink it black. Starbucks snob for sure. What's your favorite kind of tea?

  5. Oh, and forgot to mention I have my handwarmers on that you made me. It's freezing!!

  6. You picked great projects to work on.
    Very energetic, but I am sure you can get them done.
    I will be happy with one really.

  7. Lovely colours for your projects!
    Hope you are keeping warm! We still have high temperatures for January, but they say we will be below zero this weekend. Still, winter will be short this year :-)

  8. Hello Di. It looks like you have enough projects to keep you busy during our cold spell. It was 4 degree's here yesterday with a windchill of -7. But guess what? It will be like Summer tomorrow. Yup! It will be in the 50's. And almost 60 by the weekend. Yah!
    When you have the time, go to www.connectingthreads.com and click on the new patterns' section. They have a dog AND A CAT pattern made with the twister ruler. It is as cute as can be. I think you will love it.
    Gotto go. Stay warm!


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