Friday, January 3, 2014


cause when it decides it wants to snow--
It snows!!!!
We got about 8 inches downtown here--
the hills got more!!!

and talk about Cold--
me is staying inside--until tomorrow--
Saturday--need to go to the grocery store!!

What you say?????
no quilt shops on that list for Saturday?????
I have a confession to make!!!!
I have done not one--
but 2---
fabric orders on the Internet--
one yesterday and one today!!!
What was I thinking--??????
I have a huge stash already!!!
Just hoping though that with this 'new' fabric---
comes my 'mojo' that has been lost for about a year now!!!!
One can only hope!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Aren't you glad you don't have to dig out a car?!? Did you order the new fabric with a project in mind or just because it's purty? Enjoy it when it comes....

  2. Stay safe and warm. So glad you don't have to be outside. What fun fabrics did you find? I wish, well not really, that new fabrics would quit tempting me. Guess I'm just a fabricolic. Take care, Nola

  3. I am so tired of snow and cold. I agree with Nola--stay warm and safe. I have been very good about not buying fabric. All I have to do is look in my sewing room at all that I already have. I'm tempted to start a new project, but I really should work to finish something. Take care...

  4. Oh I know it is cold and miserable for you Di but I do love to see your beautiful snow photos....
    Hot here and I have been to the beach swimming everyday..
    Hmm!!! I have trouble with that finger pressing the buy button on the internet too. Enjoy your new g

  5. I hope your mojo comes in the box with your fabric order. I haven't bought any fabric in over a year Living off the stash.

    From way down here the snow looks heavenly. Pictures of snow are so pretty but I know it isn't that pretty to live with it.


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