Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Whatever it is--
it is cold---
we got more snow last night--
and even the windows froze shut--
so this picture is taken from inside with the screen down!!!

I don't remember this tree outside my window ever having like 'leaves' stay on it all winter as it has this winter--but it sure has added a nice place for some of the snow to land and pile up--
so pretty!!!
yesterday I got a pressie in the mail--
all the way from Norway--
this group of gifts is from Anne-Lise--I can't wait to make something with that cat pattern!!!
and this towel will have to hang in my 'pink' room--the bedroom--
and yes--you are looking at kitty cat toys for Miss Gracie!!!
I had to look around to find them for the picture--silly cat!!!

Today's Joy is getting far away gifts from Friends!

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Beautiful snow pictures. What a nice surprise from your friend in Norway. I love the rose.

  2. Nice photos. Inside is the best place to be when you have that much snow. Nice gifts you received.

  3. Glad it arrived safely :-)
    We've got more of that white stuff today .....

  4. Love the snow pictures, makes me feel a bit cooler.
    Lovely gifts for you both.

  5. Send some snow our way please?????!!! xxx


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