Friday, February 28, 2014


for February Challenge--
I did not get as much done as I had wanted--
but I am happy to have finally gotten--
this one done--
Pin cushions from a pattern I bought back when lil sister was still living here--
that was back at least 4 years ago--
and I did change the embroidery work as what the original one had did not apply to me!!
one of these is going to be a gift--
the other is probably for me and it says--I love to Stitch!!!
here is the pattern--
and it does not fit my dish--
I have had the dish since I bought the pattern too!!!

and I got this apron pattern a couple years ago--
and now I have an apron from it--
this uses a charm pack and I used the one I got from Alice for Christmas--
with a cute fabric I have had for awhile--

Can you see what is on the fabric????
big black ants--this is on the bottom of the apron, and the ties and I used it for the backing--
so it really is a reversible apron!!!!
And you seen my other projects--
these 2 are the green challenge--

the Love lambs are done--
and the Valentine pillow--

And I have been working alot on this counted cross stitch project--
and I do believe that most of this has been stitched 'twice'!!!!!!!

I will try to post March's challenge tomorrow--
My 'mind' is trying to come up with just the right thing--
and it works slowly--so hang in there!!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 I hate to have to remind 'us' that --
the month of February is nearly ended--
real soon now--
for me here on the East coast of US--
I have 2 1/2 days to finish all I had planned for--

and if you promise not to tell anyone--
I will tell you that I am not going to get it all done!!!
I will have some done--
and that is a good feeling!!
it's time for some fast stitching action --everywhere!!!!
and as most of us are into another hard cold session--
what better thing to do than work on some great projects!!!

Have some fun and make something you have wanted to do for along time!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Doesn't this look like fun????
but that isn't what I have been doing!!!

I have been trying to get a couple walks in each day--
but as the weather has been so cold and icy here-
I have had to do it inside the building--
some days that is hard for me--I get too many interruptions--
but am trying--
only these walks do tire me out--so have to rest and do hand work to
save up enough energy for the next small walk !!!!!
I am having to study more about 'nutrition' and even better food choices--
though I thought I had this one down pretty good--
I need to do even more!!!
My last blood work came back that I am pre-diabetic--
which really isn't a surprise to me--in it in the 'genes', big time!!!!
I have mainly been working on a large counted cross stitch project inbetween studying and reading---

so what have you been up tooooo????????
hugs, di and miss gracie

Thursday, February 13, 2014


and have '2' green projects finished--
Mug Rug--now to decide "who" will I send it too??????
and either a gift #2 or a gift for me????hummmmmmmmmmmmmm?????

and a finish here--
the top one with the word Love on it is the one I did this month!!
that makes 2 out of 12 finished!!!!!
and my 2nd cross stitch for this month--wow!!!

and here is--
is a project in progress--I actually have 2 of these to  make--
this is one of the patterns I picked out to try this month!!!!

How are you doing on your projects????
Time to stop worrying about what the weather is doing outside the window and---
stitch stitch stitch!!!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie
PS--it is snowing here again today!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I could not resist this purchase of fabric--
This is the one that got 'me' into trouble--
seen it last month when I was helping Anne order some dog prints online--
This will make a nice 'fussy' cut fabric--
This one is sooo me looking!!!
and you know me and pink!!!
when I showed Anne this panel fabric--she laughed at this saying--
she has had cats that drool too!!!
I just love this block on the panel--
but then you knew me and my mice!!!
talking about mice--is this not cute????

Now did I get something besides cats and mice??
my next big love--
teacups--again this is nice for fussy cutting!!
for an apron for DD in Florida!!!
all these where purchased at and they donate so much of each sale to
a good cause--Thank you equilter!!!!

So maybe I should get off here and head to my sewing room!!
my green projects are waiting for me to finish them--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Monday, February 10, 2014


I got a lovely surprise in the mail today--
and it is not for any holiday--
it's  a  "thank you" gift--
Are theses not adorable?????
Ahhh--there's a kitty cat on there with me!!!
and some more fur balls--how lovely--
and don't you like this red outfit I am wearing????
These gifts and a nice letter--
all came from Grethe in Norway!!
Thank you sooooo very much, my dear--you truly made my day month!!!!

I best to everyone this week--
remember this is a short month!!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I am excited as I already have a finish for February!!!
I got this long narrow Valentine pillow all cross stitched and finished off--
I had to do some 'unstitching--actually alot of it' but I just kept that needle going and I am glad I did!!!

And I have two totally finished finishes from last month done--
My needlework gal is all framed now--
and the  wool piece is framed--this is 16x20 frame--this piece is large--
and I think I am going to hang  it in the sewing room so that I can think about Christmas all year long!!!!!!

I got a good start on not one, but two green projects--
now to decide how to finish these off!!!
and then to whom I want to mail them too???????

Still very cold here--like '1' degree today--
so I will continue to keep myself warm inside!!!
Have a joyful day in what ever you are doing today---
hugs, di and miss gracie

Thursday, February 6, 2014


But first here is a gifty for me!!!
Some 'yummy' charm packs--
now for confession time--------
I ordered these thinking I could use some as 'gifts' for others--
but guess what????
I love them all--so now what?????

here is a stitchery project--
another block for the Northwoods collection--
My Cross stitch projects--
and as you can see I am working on the Valentines one already and do even have more done on this one-- the color of the cloth is called Pink Dahlia and is 28ct--lovely cloth to work with--
I may even get it done on time--may????????
the other 2 small ones is a 12 month series that I purchased month by month last year and only month one is finished--I may only get the 2nd one done--time will tell!!!!!
and as for the other pattern part of Feb. challenge--
I really want to make some aprons--have been collecting patterns for awhile now!!!!
and purse patterns--see the one on the far left -- I got this pattern at a quilt show on the way back from the Keepsakes 25th Anni sale in New Hampshire--a couple years ago and it takes a special grommet--which they sent me some in different colors--also purchased some special fabrics for them-and there they sit!!!!

and I love these 4 patterns--again see the second one in on the right--
I have all the supplies to make some--even the zippers!!!
so what am I waiting for????????
We got about 6 inches of new snow and we are back into the low 20's during the days--
today the sun is out--so I have sticky eyes from the sun on the snow--but I don't want to shut the sun out!!!!!!
and they are moving my friend Anne's mom to an upstairs apt today--she is sooooo happy to be back here--I am so glad that there was an empty apt for her--we don't always have one!!!!

So what is on your Feb planning board????????
hugs, in Joy for the sunshine--di and miss gracie

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