Monday, February 3, 2014


This door--
Now door #113 belongs to my friend, Anne's, 96 year old mother--
Anne is my quilt friend who comes every Tuesday morning for our time to stitch, chat, and go out to lunch--I have known here for 11 years now and her Mom nearly as long--
Knock Knock--
Oh nobody seems to be home--
so let's go look in the window and see--
Oh my there is her living room windows--
but where did her bedroom windows go????

It seems--that about 2 am Sunday morning she had some company--
and the kid drove right into her bedroom to visit her!!!!!
The gooooood part is--even though she was in her bedroom and in her bed--
she did not get hurt--but she had a car part way inside of it!!!
she did lose some furniture--but nothing valuable I believe!!
She did have to go and stay with her daughter Anne for a few nights--
but we have an empty apartment they maybe able to put her in until hers is
repaired--so that will be good--though it is back upstairs, again!!!

so needless to say--this blogger did not get much sleep that night!!!
though I did decide on which counted cross stitch projects I want to do for Feb.
and the next time I was up cause I still couldn't go back to sleep
I sorted patterns and picked out what I want to make this month!!!

Are you picking our your projects????
I have added to the post on Workbasket site with more photos of things in wool--
that you made last month-so pop over and have alooky see--
and let me know who I have missed!!!

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Oh My Goodness!! Poor Anne's Mama! Can understand why you had trouble going back to sleep!!! Hope her apt is fixed up again soon!Maybe the driver's insurance can buy her some new furniture!!;-)

  2. Oh my Gosh - Thank goodness she's okay. I can certainly understand why you had a sleepless night. And you used your time productively, too. Way to go.

  3. This happens every so often. One wouldn't think it would but it does. I'm just so glad she was not hurt. No wonder you were up - I bet she didn't sleep either. What a story she has to tell.

  4. Oh my goodness!! That must have been so scary for her. It happens here several times a year. I am always surprised. Down here we have some strange turns and dead end roads and sometimes the elderly will miss the turn and end up in someone's bedroom. It's always the bedroom, weird.

  5. What a fright that must have given her!! I just can't imagine.

  6. I am really glad she was OK. There is far too much excitement in your apartment building.

  7. I'm glad to hear that the old lady is okay!
    I have many patterns to choose between, but haven't decided yet which one I'll want to do this month.

  8. Poor lady - glad she is ok. What a shock!
    I'm not sure what to do this month yet - hoping for inspiration to strike :-)
    Take care,

  9. Oh, what a frightening thing to go through, fell sorry for the lady, glad she is not fysically hurt.
    Happy sewing to you, Di :-)


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