Thursday, February 6, 2014


But first here is a gifty for me!!!
Some 'yummy' charm packs--
now for confession time--------
I ordered these thinking I could use some as 'gifts' for others--
but guess what????
I love them all--so now what?????

here is a stitchery project--
another block for the Northwoods collection--
My Cross stitch projects--
and as you can see I am working on the Valentines one already and do even have more done on this one-- the color of the cloth is called Pink Dahlia and is 28ct--lovely cloth to work with--
I may even get it done on time--may????????
the other 2 small ones is a 12 month series that I purchased month by month last year and only month one is finished--I may only get the 2nd one done--time will tell!!!!!
and as for the other pattern part of Feb. challenge--
I really want to make some aprons--have been collecting patterns for awhile now!!!!
and purse patterns--see the one on the far left -- I got this pattern at a quilt show on the way back from the Keepsakes 25th Anni sale in New Hampshire--a couple years ago and it takes a special grommet--which they sent me some in different colors--also purchased some special fabrics for them-and there they sit!!!!

and I love these 4 patterns--again see the second one in on the right--
I have all the supplies to make some--even the zippers!!!
so what am I waiting for????????
We got about 6 inches of new snow and we are back into the low 20's during the days--
today the sun is out--so I have sticky eyes from the sun on the snow--but I don't want to shut the sun out!!!!!!
and they are moving my friend Anne's mom to an upstairs apt today--she is sooooo happy to be back here--I am so glad that there was an empty apt for her--we don't always have one!!!!

So what is on your Feb planning board????????
hugs, in Joy for the sunshine--di and miss gracie


  1. Love your stitchery! Nice charm packs too! :0)

  2. It all looks yummy! Don't know how I would decide what to do. The stitcheries are really coming along so I am sure you will finish them in no time and be on to bags and things!!!


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