Saturday, February 22, 2014


Doesn't this look like fun????
but that isn't what I have been doing!!!

I have been trying to get a couple walks in each day--
but as the weather has been so cold and icy here-
I have had to do it inside the building--
some days that is hard for me--I get too many interruptions--
but am trying--
only these walks do tire me out--so have to rest and do hand work to
save up enough energy for the next small walk !!!!!
I am having to study more about 'nutrition' and even better food choices--
though I thought I had this one down pretty good--
I need to do even more!!!
My last blood work came back that I am pre-diabetic--
which really isn't a surprise to me--in it in the 'genes', big time!!!!
I have mainly been working on a large counted cross stitch project inbetween studying and reading---

so what have you been up tooooo????????
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I have seen that kitty photo before but it is still funny! All this label reading is pain, but hopefully it is all worth it and you will start feeling more energized.

  2. Love the cats!
    Mostly knitting at the moment - got several orders for mittens after my December lot, so I am catching up on them while it is still winter.
    Take care,

  3. I have diabetes, and I have not been managing it well at all, so that is one of my focuses for this year. I'm studying up on nutrition too! Love the cat picture. Does Miss Gracie like boxes?


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