Monday, March 31, 2014


besides decluttering--
I cluttered  up--
the old wood cupboard--
Yep--got the blue dishes out--
only have 2 shelves worth though--
and then I added the Easter items that where 'lucky' to be saved from the disown pile!!
And here is a new cup and saucer that I got--
see a little bunny has already claimed it for a home!!
and here is 2 projects that I have made in the last couple years!!
and a couple more on this  side!!
and here is the 3 cross stitch eggs--
all the bunnies are sooo happy to be out of the drawer and on display!!!!
and now--
what to do with--
with the rest of the stuff on the table????
what else do I want to find anew home for--
or to keep for displays????

you can actually see this piece of furniture now and the floor--
on Saturday a girl friend came and we filled her SUV with all the filled totes and boxes and bags that I had filled up with the items for the declutter project!!!
there is still more to do on this project--
though now it is the fabric, yarn, and clothings turn!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Good for you!I have too many treasures to part with just yet! Guess when we can't walk thru house will have to part with some...hahaha!

  2. It all looks so pretty and I love all your homemade Easter projects tucked in there.
    The funny is perfect--It works for me!!


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