Saturday, March 1, 2014


And it is cold cold cold and we are suppose to get more snow!!!
March is another of my "finish wips" months--
and I have 2 projects in mind at least that I want to finish this month--
It is time to finish 'wiggles' from Terry's SAL from ah--while ago!!!
And I need and want to finish the Hannah and Harrington blocks and quilt top--
think I have 5 finished so that makes 7 more blocks and then sewing them together--
think I best get busy on this one!!!

in the sewing line and one in counted cross stitch--
This is the cross stitch that I want to finish!!!

But now I have the challenge too to come up with--
the first challenge for you this month is--
for you to finish a wip that you started last year or before last year!!
----A wip from 2013--
--------And if you don't have a wip--I can loan you one to finish!!!!

and/or for the second one--
make something using an animal print.
You know that mine will probably be using a cat print--
as I have bought a bunch last month even and have some from last year I bought!!!
So ----- Get Set------and Go--- to work!!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. How fun to see a wiggly whimsy again! Get it'll be so glad you did! :0)

  2. OK, I am really really really going to try to finish my wiggly one and I do have enough animal prints to work with as well.
    And finish bag and wreathe and and and...

  3. Well, my quilting machine was returned yesterday, so I should be able to finish a few WIP's! Not sure about the animal print, but I'll dig through my stash! Cute kitties.

  4. I still have only nine blocks done on Hannah and harrington too!


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