Thursday, May 29, 2014


This envelope contained something that I have been collecting for a very long time--
and now I finally found a way to display them--
I love picking them up whenever I see one--
put did not know how to display them until today--
Sometimes things just come together!!!
Been spending the day tweaking and putting things back in place--
as I had to put everything small up onto the bed, couch and tables as I had the carpets cleaned yesterday--
and today the carpets are dry and so begins the putting back process--
I am getting ready for some company--
Sunny is coming for a couple days visit and will be here tomorrow evening--
So want everything to look really nice for her visit--she will be staying with me for at least 2 nights--
and I have a nice 'adventure' planned for us on Saturday--!!!
I have been working on another bom, this one is from 2009 --
got one more block stitched today--
Do you remember this one????
Just have 2 more blocks to do--
and I got the backgrounds cut and pressed tonight--
have wanted to finish this one for a very long time!!
and here is a bit more tweaking--
you probably won't see a post from me until late on Sunday or Monday--
and I hope everyone has a great and happy week end!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I am really excited to show off not one--
two tops that are finished--
the first one is--
The Hannah and Harrington Quilt top--
I chose to use the  the same fabrics and 2 1/2 inch squares for rows around the quilt and at the top and bottom--!!!
Thanks Shell and bunnies--
this crazy one--
Wiggles--though I think my Wiggles is a bit different for some reason--
so guess we could call it a  'wonky wiggles' quilt!!!
this one was alot of fun to make--
Thanks Terry!!

Have pulled out another ufo from 2009--
only have 3 blocks to finish on it--
I am working on sewing the counted cross stitch 'Virtues' blocks to square wool blocks--
ran out of black embroidery floss--
but went and got more this morning--
so now I can stitch up the last 3 of those--

Have a great day--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am working on the Hannah and Harrington blocks today--
and actually sewing the blocks into strips--
and --
I discovered one block comes up short--
that worm not only ate a hole in the apple--
he ate 1/2 inch off the side, too!!!
so off I went to search for more of this piece of background--
and by some miracle--I still had a piece and it was actually the right length --
so first I cut a strip off this that was 3/4 inches wide--
thinking that was all I needed--
but I was still short--
so the next time I just sewed the whole piece to this right side--
pressed it and then   measured it and cut it--

and now my block is the right size--
and 'nobody' will notice what I did--right??????
I also discovered that 2 other blocks did not have all the hand work done on them--
so this afternoon, while watching the Nationwide race on TV--
I got those 2 blocks finished and the last block finished--
so we are on the home stretch--
so hang in there Hannah and Harrington!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Friday, May 23, 2014


Have 2 more blocks done--
these really are fun blocks to make and stitch--
thanks, Shell!!

And yesterday I had to be on the road--
My girl friend, Denise--
drove me to Sayre, Pa--a good hour drive from here--
to here--to the Dentist--
am having some issues with my teeth--
so will be seeing this place alot this summer, I believe!!
then we drove half way back home to this place--
for my yearly 'body check' for skin cancer--
got a clean bill today!!!!
and right next door to this place was Target--
and as we were early--
I went in to Target and bought this CD--
by Coldplay!!!

and for some reason---
Denise's car always seems to stop here!!!
I was very good and only got a baby twist, tasty freeze!!!!

Wonder if Di was taking a picture of the flowers --or ???????

of the painter--

hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I can't believe that I am actually sewing once again--
here is where I am on the 'wiggles' quilt top--
I did have another plan for the  borders--
but after sewing on the 2 sides--
I changed my mind--
and went to this design--
and this morning I worked on sewing up the outer borders--
now to sew them to the quilt top!!!

and my 'rabbits' are just happy to be out of the closet!!!!
the Bee hive one is finished, and has lots of bee's and flowers--
and the wishing well one is all finished--
this morning I got the next 2 blocks prepped--
so come on Julie Q--and get busy on yours--
or you will be left way behind!!!!!!!!!

It is raining here and I am cold--
It is odd--but I have been cold alot this spring--
must not be working hard enough??????????

Have a great Wednesday--(or Thursday???)
hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


look at my 'new' design wall--
here is the blocks that I have done for the Hannah and Harrington quilt--
so far--have the felt work done on block 7--but discovered I had not done the embroidery part--
so worked on that some this morning and have all the materials out for the other 5 blocks--
so --
maybe some day this one will actually get done!!!!

I am happy to say--
the #11 and the #12 blocks of the Virtues blocks are now all cross stitched--
now to find the fabrics to finish this one off!!!!

and here is a rare photos--
a good picture of Miss gracie in good lighting--
though--it still looks like she is saying--
"I hate having my picture taken!!!"
hugs, di and that darn cat

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I went for a nice long walk this morning--
and here is some of the photos I took along the way--
I love this tree--it is right across the street from me--
wished it had these blooms all year!!!
seen 4 lilac bushes on the way--
first this white one--
a dark purple one-
a light purple one-
this robin kept a good watch over me--
she must of had some babies near by!!
and then this one!!

Here is one of the 'strangest' things I seen today--
a strawberry patch in front of a home on main street!!!

and I got to photo a couple cats--

this cat is probably a 'relative' of miss gracies--
and she is having fun in the sun--
and then there was this black one--
who played 'peek a boo' with me around this car--
and I am sure this cat is also a relative of Miss gracies!!!

What photo's did you take today???
hugs., di and miss gracies relatives!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014


But first--
I did a bit of this--
Getting some stitchery ready to be framed--
have a nice pile of these to work through!!

And here is some looks of my new bedroom--
this is a white wood window pane that I have used in decorating for a long time now--
this time I created a new look for it--
I took an old pink table cloth and cut the 4 corner pieces of it and then covered heavy poster board with each section and hung them into the sections of the window frame--
then added the teddy bear photos--these bear photos are from an old calendar--

the long brown dresser is old--and I was about to get rid of it--
but when I moved the white dresser out of way to move the brown one down the wall--
I fell in love with the brown dresser all over again--!!!!
There is a new little quilt rack on top of the dresser now and it holds alot of my linens that either my family has made or--ones that I have collected at sales!!
there is the white dresser--love it in the corner at a angle--
this is in the opposite corner of the bedroom now--
this is the window that is in between the 2 pieces of furniture--
under the window is an  ironing board that I covered and is set up at all times--
it is also a 'perch' for miss gracie and her bird watching adventures!!!

My friend Anne gave this white coverlet a couple years ago--
but it wasn't the right size for my bed--
but this wall looked so bad--
that I put hung the coverleton it, to good use!!!
in the bench is my quilt tops that need quilting!!!!

and here is the bed and the wall over the bed--
all the quilts and hand stitchery's and painting have been done by me down through the years!!

Ok tour over for today--
maybe another room's new look will come your way soon!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

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