Friday, May 23, 2014


Have 2 more blocks done--
these really are fun blocks to make and stitch--
thanks, Shell!!

And yesterday I had to be on the road--
My girl friend, Denise--
drove me to Sayre, Pa--a good hour drive from here--
to here--to the Dentist--
am having some issues with my teeth--
so will be seeing this place alot this summer, I believe!!
then we drove half way back home to this place--
for my yearly 'body check' for skin cancer--
got a clean bill today!!!!
and right next door to this place was Target--
and as we were early--
I went in to Target and bought this CD--
by Coldplay!!!

and for some reason---
Denise's car always seems to stop here!!!
I was very good and only got a baby twist, tasty freeze!!!!

Wonder if Di was taking a picture of the flowers --or ???????

of the painter--

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Great to see your Hannah and Harrington out of the cupboard - it's looking good! He he I've just been in PA but I'm thinking, on the other side of the state!

  2. Love your Hannah and Harrison...
    Nice of your friend to take you for your check ups and nice outing.


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