Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Yesterday  afternoon I went treasure hunting--
took the day off from decorating, rearranging and such!!!
I found this little teacup and saucer for $1.00 in one shop--
and the green doily for $1 in another shop--
and this tea cup with the first one for $1 but no saucer--
and these 3 little tea towels for $1 each with the green doily stop!!!

And when I opened my door yesterday morning--
I found a gift bag by it and this is what was in it--
Someone thinks I am a Danica fan!!!!
and this person told me that Danica loves this candy bars--
and so does Di --as 2 of them are missing!!!!
now if they were covered in dark chocolate instead of milk???????????

I am still working really hard on the redecorating--
and I think I am getting close to the end--
just a couple more days-- and then I will be able to take pictures and show you all my hard work!!
that is if I would leave things alone--I keep moving things around, it seems!!

be kind to some one today--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. No-no-no Di! As much fun as treasure hunting is, you don't need any more treasures. Now candy bars are another thing. They don't take up any space or have to be cleaned. LOL!

  2. LOL I think Sunny is right.. You don't need more treasures , just more to move around and dust....ekkkk!!

  3. Your treasures are gorgeous, Di! And maybe you don't need them, but oh well... you can just pass on some old treasures to make room for the new ones :) xxx


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