Friday, May 16, 2014


But first--
I did a bit of this--
Getting some stitchery ready to be framed--
have a nice pile of these to work through!!

And here is some looks of my new bedroom--
this is a white wood window pane that I have used in decorating for a long time now--
this time I created a new look for it--
I took an old pink table cloth and cut the 4 corner pieces of it and then covered heavy poster board with each section and hung them into the sections of the window frame--
then added the teddy bear photos--these bear photos are from an old calendar--

the long brown dresser is old--and I was about to get rid of it--
but when I moved the white dresser out of way to move the brown one down the wall--
I fell in love with the brown dresser all over again--!!!!
There is a new little quilt rack on top of the dresser now and it holds alot of my linens that either my family has made or--ones that I have collected at sales!!
there is the white dresser--love it in the corner at a angle--
this is in the opposite corner of the bedroom now--
this is the window that is in between the 2 pieces of furniture--
under the window is an  ironing board that I covered and is set up at all times--
it is also a 'perch' for miss gracie and her bird watching adventures!!!

My friend Anne gave this white coverlet a couple years ago--
but it wasn't the right size for my bed--
but this wall looked so bad--
that I put hung the coverleton it, to good use!!!
in the bench is my quilt tops that need quilting!!!!

and here is the bed and the wall over the bed--
all the quilts and hand stitchery's and painting have been done by me down through the years!!

Ok tour over for today--
maybe another room's new look will come your way soon!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Your bedroom is really beautiful, Di. I love the creamy yellow of the walls.

  2. You really have a knack for decorating. Will you come do my house when you're finished? Can't wait to see it in person. I hope I get to meet Miss Gracie this time.


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