Monday, May 12, 2014


This cross stitch is finally framed--
she is soooo happy now!!!
and here is part of one 'new' wall decor--
I am not happy with the long red basket--
still think it should be black one-hummmmm????

and did take a picture of some more of the Virtues series I have gotten stitched--
and I am on the border to #9 of this series--
I want to get this series finished--
like now!!!!!

well--I actually do have the new sewing area all organized and actually did some sewing this morning--
I did reconstruct a chenille bedspread this morning after doing today's tweaking job--
and that job took one and half bobbins to do--
will show you tomorrow--hopefully!!!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful 'sewy' kind of day!!
hugs, di and that miss gracie

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  1. How beautiful Di! That is an amazing wall of samplers!


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