Thursday, May 29, 2014


This envelope contained something that I have been collecting for a very long time--
and now I finally found a way to display them--
I love picking them up whenever I see one--
put did not know how to display them until today--
Sometimes things just come together!!!
Been spending the day tweaking and putting things back in place--
as I had to put everything small up onto the bed, couch and tables as I had the carpets cleaned yesterday--
and today the carpets are dry and so begins the putting back process--
I am getting ready for some company--
Sunny is coming for a couple days visit and will be here tomorrow evening--
So want everything to look really nice for her visit--she will be staying with me for at least 2 nights--
and I have a nice 'adventure' planned for us on Saturday--!!!
I have been working on another bom, this one is from 2009 --
got one more block stitched today--
Do you remember this one????
Just have 2 more blocks to do--
and I got the backgrounds cut and pressed tonight--
have wanted to finish this one for a very long time!!
and here is a bit more tweaking--
you probably won't see a post from me until late on Sunday or Monday--
and I hope everyone has a great and happy week end!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Gosh, you didn't have to clean for me! I'm not coming for a house inspection. The only thing I'll be inspecting will be all of your awesome projects. See you tomorrow!

  2. Oh have fun with Sunny!!! Now Jameela would LOVE those feathers to play with :) I hope Miss Gracie doesn't get hold of them!! xxx

  3. What fun! Wishing you all a grand time!!! XO

  4. Nice feathers, looks decorative in a vase! Glad you have picked out an 2009 project, so will I later on to day. Enjoy your time with Peggy, best wishes :))

  5. All your decorating and cleaning looks really pretty! I have that BOM going too--somewhere. Along with a few dozen more. Your colors are great!


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