Sunday, June 8, 2014


with the Shabby Roses quilt top--
Cause no matter what other fabric or colors I lay next this now--
it just doesn't do it--
and I am into smaller quilt tops anywayssssssssssss!!!!!

and this morning I did some more prep work--
Have the last 3 blocks of this one to finish--
and now they are ready--
This is a Bunny Hill bom from 2010--

and here is the blocks for the Stringyfarm quilt--
these 5 I did as she gave them to us--
then there was a long pause before we got the next 3--
and here is where I am on them--
am working on the farm couple now--
and here is how they stack up as blocks--
so you can see we need 2 more blocks--
of the smaller size--
and here is my drawings to fill in those 2 spots--
think it is going to be these two--
does my cow look like a cow??????
and then I have these two possiblies--
so which 2 blocks do you like?????
Or did she give us the last two cause I can not find them on her site anywheres????

I would love to start on a new project--
but for some reason am stuck in this 'finish' up UFO's mode!!!
and I think it is funny how most of the UFO projects I stopped at the last '3' blocks-????
So what is in your Bom ufo closet?????????????
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I didn't know you were an artist, too! Your cow is adorable, and I like the top two blocks. Actually, I like them all, but prefer the first two with what you already have. You get much further on BOM's than I do! Shabby looks nice just as it is.

  2. It looks great, just the way it is! Wow! You have lots of UFO projects on the go. Good for you!

  3. Love the cow! You are so fun Di. You can do tons of cool things!


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