Thursday, June 5, 2014


To   take a photo of the newest addition
to the family--
Sunny had gone in a booth at the Windmill--
as I went to walk in to join her--
this bear just plain-- jumped in to my arms--
and he stayed there--
I decided that I did have one little rocker left that was still empty from the redecorating--
and 'if'  he promised not to 'eat' too much --
he could make his home in that rocker!!!

also found this doily there--
what can I say--it has pink edging!!!!

And a couple days ago I got the sweetest gift in the mail--
the pencil and the chocolate and cute card are from Shell at the Raspberry Rabbit-
she knows that I am facing some trips to the dentist to get some teeth removed--
and she said that--
Chocolate melts and runs down the throat--no chewing!!!!
this was a really sweet gift, Shell--thank you!

I also got the rest of the blocks finished for the Shabby Rose quilt that was done as bom back in 2009--now to find fabrics and sew them into a quilt top!!!
What are you working on???
the new challenge for June is posted--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Mr. Bear looks quite comfortable in his new home. Have you eaten the chocolate yet? Good job on finishing the blocks.

  2. Sweet little bear!! Shel is so very nice to think of you. I'm trying to finish up a project that should have been finished for a 2009 June wedding! To get a jump start, I made a fabric basket.


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