Tuesday, June 3, 2014


As some of you knew--
my blog friend Sunny from Quilting Dreams--
came for a 2 day visit--
and we had a great time--
the very first thing she wanted to do was go down to the pier and take some photos--
I discovered that she calls her good camera--Big Boy camera too!!!!
then we went to an Amish Farmers mkt about 25 miles from here--
this is just a small part of one parking lot--
in the summer you have to get there at 8am and leave by 10am--
if you want to get into the booths!!!
and of course we did some shopping--
we both fell in love with this fabric--she bought more of it than I did!!!
and crazy me left my sweater in the car--and the wind there was a bit chilly on my arms--
and as Sunny was looking at getting a jacket at this booth called the 'Cotton club'--I started looking around and found this cute light weight shirtjacket--and it was perfect for the day-
and it even has a pocket!!!!
and at the wicker booth--
we discovered some wood pieces--
and I got this one for my rulers--
it is heavy so will not flip over when using it--
and it will be perfect on the sewing table--
Sunny also got something in this wood line--
seee--she tells you we have similar tastes and we do--
it really was kinda 'funny'!!!
we both found some more kitchen items at the kitchen booth--
and we each had to have a bird--hers is different though!!!
and the 3 fabrics on the left are ones I got at the Amish shop down the road from the Windmill and the one the right I found here at the local quilt shop!!!
and look what I found in the bed when I went to fix the bedding after she left--
Thank you Sunny for 2 wonderful days and my gifts!

I did come home to a phone call from DD and she thought she had some really bad news and I was not sure if I might not have to make a 'flying' trip to Florida--
but after seeing a 2nd dr today--things are not as bad as what she was led to believe from the first dr.
so now hopefully--life is back on track!!!
at least until I see the   dentist tomorrow????????????
that story and a very wonderful gift is for tomorrow's telling!

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. How nice to have such a fabulous few days with Sunny. You both purchased lots of great goodies.
    Pleased your DD is okay.

  2. Wow - you showed all the purchases that I skipped over. Let me know when you decide what to do with that pretty fabric! And good luck at the dentist. Just think of chocolate...

  3. Wonderful that you got to spend time together and the market looks great - you've made some good purchases there! Good about your dd and best of luck and no pain at the dentist's!


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