Saturday, June 7, 2014


I have really been on the band wagon to finish up some 'ufo's' lately--
and most of these seem to be from the year 2009--
I am working on sewing the now finished blocks of--
Shabby Roses into a top--

 first thing this morning I did go over to the Quilt shop to look for the fabrics--
I had spent some time yesterday in my fabric closet looking for fabrics for this project--
but could not find any I was happy with--
this is what I came home with--
and so far--
I have only used one from this pile--
It is hard to see here-but the black has a design on it--
and is different from the one in the above pile--
I am trying to decide on the next row--
but not happy with any of these--so far????
I do still have to sew a strip of the black print on the outside edge of 3 blocks--
they are cut and ready--but then--I am still on the 'thinking fence'!!!

I am also now working on the Stringybark Farm by MissMack--
from that same year--though I am short 2 blocks of the pattern--
but am not sure that she ever did do them for us???
Does any one know??????????????
In the mean time I did draw out 2 more to use, as one really needs more blocks for it come out right!!!

and on the way to the Quilt shop to day--
I took a long and winding detour!!!
It was our Village rummage day sales--
I was good--
These 2 cat dolls--
this little country doll--
were all created by 'me'!!!
Years ago when I had my country shop on Main street--
she only had a dollar on them--so they came back home to me to live!!!!
Along with this Christmas doll-
she was a dollar too!!
even the little basket came from that sale for 25 cents--
I found the second basket for 50 cents later in the morning--
and that is all I bought at the sales!!!!
And Sunny--
I seen this in someones garden--so took a photo of it for you!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Hi, I came over from Sunny's blog. I would have bought my 'babies' back, too!!

  2. Aw, thanks for the poppy! I took a picture for you today, too, but haven't posted yet. It was good of you to adopt your creations.

  3. Nice stitchery you are working on Di.

    Oh you just can't help your self when it comes to a sale. Great purchases.

    Love the poppy too. Such a pretty orange.

  4. Now that quilt brings back meories -the first quilt I made!
    Love the cat dolls - So glad you took them home again.

  5. You inspire me to dig out my Shabby Roses BOM blocks and finish putting them together, too! Thanks for that! I actually made two sets in two different fabric ways. $1? They'd have come home with me, too!! Can't believe those baskets for so little. What a great rummage sale.


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