Monday, June 23, 2014


Is one of the 'big' days for this--
and the dentist  will get 3-4 more teeth for his collection!!!!!
I learned back in January that I needed to have the rest of my top teeth taken out--
but that doesn't mean that I am happy about it!!!!
or that I am looking forward to it!!!!!
it must be done--they say--
so I will put on my 'big girl panties' tomorrow and go for it!!!
I have chosen to have a few done at a time and with just the local injection for pain--
nothing like 'pro-longing' the pain, hu?????
So  Shell--
I can soon eat this--
Chocolate --that she sent me--knowing that it is soft and just melts in your mouth!!!!

Here is a close up of the Snowbound fabric--
I just love these little houses and the colors--
oh--this photo does make the green lattice way tooooo green though!!
can't win can I????

I started a new knitting project over the week end--
and it is coming along great--
and today I am basting 2 small quilts for hand quilting--
and then there is the star hand piecing blocks that I am working on--
in the event that I don't really feel well for the next couple days--
I have lots of hand work I can do and if that don't work--
there is always lots of unread books on my Kindle!!!

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I hope it all goes well at the dentist, Di, and that it's not too long before you are up to your old tricks again :-)

  2. Hope all goes well for you on tomorrow...

  3. Just wanted to drop back in and say I would love to see your hexagon quilt in full display, when you feel looks so lovely from the little snippet here...


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