Thursday, July 31, 2014


and this is one of the projects that I must carry into August to finish!!
and I did some more of these--
so that I can keep working on the this project--
Hi Miss Gracie--
and I did some figuring on this project--
am using this line--
and it is my 'leader n ender' project!!!
Can any one guess what quilt I am working on here??????????

I had at one point gotten this top pinned and had even started on the hand quilting--
but I was not happy with it--
so took it out and unpinned it from the backing and-
repressed the back of it using a pressing cloth to get nice 'flat' seams--
and now it is all repinned and ready for a second try at quilting--
already liked how it looked at the repinning!!!!

Have a happy day today at what ever you are doing--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Do you remember me making these hexie's???
well--now I am working at sewing them all together!!!!

And went back to the Library today--
all novels this time--
and 3 are mysteries!!!
and on the way out--
guess who was going in???
we met in the parking lot and got to talking to his owner--
come to find out at 2 1/2 yrs old he is still a 'pup' and not fully grown yet--
he only--only weighs 144 lbs and full grown will be about 160 lbs--
he goes to the Library once a week for story hour with the kids--
2 days a week to a nursing home and 2 days a week to our disabled facility!!
So he keeps up a full time job!!!
he is so gentle--and up close has the most beautiful face!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie

Monday, July 28, 2014


I did get this Farm quilt all finished--
I really enjoyed finishing this little quilt!!

and I got the last book read--
while watching the Sprint Cup race for NASCAR on Sunday--
I have read nearly all of Dorothy's book--
she is a great author and I enjoyed this book also!!

and here is some week end photos from around here--
took this photo Sunday evening around 7pm--
and I scared this baby duck when I walked by him along the boardwalk--
and he took off swimming all by himself--
I watched for awhile hoping that he had other family near by--but--
then later on the way back home I seen this--
and then there was two--sure hope that one of these is the first little fellow!!!
I was surprised to see some this young this time of the year!!
out behind the little white shed !!

What are your plans for the week???
hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Remember these books???
here is where I am at with them--
the first one I tried to read was--
Return to Life--
did not like this book--was not really in story form--
 and was about 'reincarnation'--
and was very technical!!
on to the next one--

Rescuing Sprite--
this was a good read about 2 dogs really--Pespi and then Sprite--
but very sad!!!

Now I am nearly done reading--
little boy Blue--
about the adoption of a puppy named Blue from a kill place in NC to a new home in NJ--
and when Blues new owner needed more health information on Blue and where that took her--
it is a good read if one is interested in helping to save dogs and puppies from the gas chambers!!
I had no idea that they were still in use today--but they are and way too many of them are being used to kill millions of dogs each year with out even trying to find any of these puppies/dogs a home!!

have gotten out the 'hexie flowers' I stitched a while ago,
 to work on sewing them together--
and have started sewing a new quilt top--
trying to keep my 'eyes' from burning and itching--
there is something 'big time' in the air here!!!
Wonder which 'weed' it is this time????
hugs,  di and miss gracie

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I have been wanting to go to the Library--
so Anne and I went yesterday--
and I got a nice surprise--
Look who else likes to read--
Yesss--they were coming to the Library for story hour--
aren't they sooo small???????????
Oh and I did get some books to read--
Tried to read the one last night--
the Return to Life book--
but it wasn't what I thought it was--
on to the next one!!!!
Ahh--Miss Gracie you don't look real happy??
Oh--you wanted me to bring home one the pups from the Library for you to play with???
Ahh--I don't think that would of been a good idea!!!
Have you read any good books this summer???
hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I ended up with a whole new plan--
I did have  alot of leftover pieces from the spools--
and did think about using them-
decided that I would first need to add a small border going around the quilt--
and found this print--
had to even it up, first, as it was way off--
Then went through some more fabrics--
some in my novelty bins this time--
and now here she is--
button border--
had just enough of this piece to fussy cut it for the borders--
and I know how I want to finish this one--
need to buy batting first--!!!

Later in the afternoon I worked on this one--

Remember the 12 lamb virtue counted cross stitch blocks--???
this is how I decided I wanted to finish mine off,
instead of 12 small pillows--
used black wool felt for the lattice--
and now it is on the thinking board--
on how to finish this one?????

Are you working on something????
hugs, di and miss gracie

Monday, July 21, 2014


Where do I go from here--
the main body of the quilt is done--
and even though I am not really happy with some of the stitching--
I like it--
so far----
it's the border that is driving me --
totally buggy!!!!
here is some choices so far--
tan with blues and reds--
different blue--
this is the one I originally bought for it!!
a lighter tan--
a third blue background one??????
But I have been thinking while working on here--
there may be a different plan altogether forming????????

hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I actually went to a party-
somewhat of a party--
Went to Ithaca, NY about 25 miles from here--
at the end of another Finger Lake to a quilt shop--
called--Quilter's Corners--
to an open house event--
they had food and drinks--
but I was good----!!!!
They had different demo's in the loft area--
all using different rulers--
I do like this quilt on the wall--
and she showed how to do those blocks--
but the ruler is $23---
the lady in the orange was showing the Twister ruler--
I have 3 sizes of them--have used 2 of the larger ones--
have the smallest one--but have not used it yet--
I did get the next smallest one though--why????????????
I did fall in love with this basket quilt-
though the color is a bit dark for me!!!

this shop has tons and tons of models--
they are everywhere--
What did I purchase???
Some Civil war fabrics as one of these days I want to do the 'fussy' cut English paper piecing stars that they show on Temecula site!!!
the ruler and I fell in love with Christmas print--
it is soooo me!!!!!

have a great week end-
hugs, di and miss gracie

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