Saturday, July 26, 2014


Remember these books???
here is where I am at with them--
the first one I tried to read was--
Return to Life--
did not like this book--was not really in story form--
 and was about 'reincarnation'--
and was very technical!!
on to the next one--

Rescuing Sprite--
this was a good read about 2 dogs really--Pespi and then Sprite--
but very sad!!!

Now I am nearly done reading--
little boy Blue--
about the adoption of a puppy named Blue from a kill place in NC to a new home in NJ--
and when Blues new owner needed more health information on Blue and where that took her--
it is a good read if one is interested in helping to save dogs and puppies from the gas chambers!!
I had no idea that they were still in use today--but they are and way too many of them are being used to kill millions of dogs each year with out even trying to find any of these puppies/dogs a home!!

have gotten out the 'hexie flowers' I stitched a while ago,
 to work on sewing them together--
and have started sewing a new quilt top--
trying to keep my 'eyes' from burning and itching--
there is something 'big time' in the air here!!!
Wonder which 'weed' it is this time????
hugs,  di and miss gracie

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  1. Reading is such a wonderful way to spend a day. I have to be careful or I can totally get lost in a good book and nothing gets done. "Little boy Blue" sounds very interesting. As I read your post I thought of my son and dil who take in cats from the animal shelter, housebreak them, or do whatever is needed so that they can go to good homes. Nola


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